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Scooter rental

If you want to visit the Island of Elba a without missing any of its marvels, we recommend renting a scooter to travel the Island more easily and independently.

If you want to visit all of the beaches Elba offers and also its charming villages, but without worrying about parking or summer traffic, renting a scooter is the way to go.

Elbascooter Isola d'Elba has a rental office at Hotel dei Coralli. Our guests enjoy a special price for the rental of a Kymko 125 scooter, including helmet, travelling case, a personalized road map and 24/7 road assistance.

- agility, provided by the 14' rear wheel
- protection provided by a larger footboard
- comfortable ergonomic seat
- reliability thanks to the rear suspension with longer travel
- storage capacity, thanks to the large compartment under the seat and the 33 litre matching travelling case
- equipped with pull-out passenger footboard
- 12V plug and clock
- LED tail lights
- 7 litre fuel tank
- single key for ignition, travelling case, seat compartment, glove box and fuel cap.

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